Friday 29 June 2007

Coffees, cafetieres and the daily grind

Coffee is a product that has been around for many many years. It is a luxurious beverage consumed by people, these days, all over the world and comes in different forms and grades.

Every country seems to have its own variety or special way of brewing their coffee, of which some seem extraordinary and some are quite delicious depending on your point of view and origins.

Personally, I am enamoured of the cafetière and (known some countries as a French press) because I believe -- as do so many others -- that it is the best way of making coffee and results in the best flavour. Notice here, that I am talking about regular black coffee, not espresso or other varieties such as Turkish coffee.

For a good cup of coffee from a cafetière, it is important to use high quality water which has recently boiled and is not too hot. You should then make coffee and leave it for several minutes before pressing the plunger. As soon as the plunger is depressed all all the way to the bottom, leave it there and pour the coffee.

I am soon to acquire a coffee grinder, which will grind beans freshly for my coffee fixes. I think this will be the next step in my discovery of this wondrous bean. If you take a normal bag of coffee purchased from a reputable outlet, you will notice the taste soon after opening it is wonderful. You can smell the aroma from a long way away and it smells divine. If you leave it for several days, even with the bag tightly sealed, the flavour will have diminished and will not taste quite so special. (In fact, while it is hard to believe, it is actually quite difficult to discriminate between two different coffees after they have both been open for a week or so).

The advantage of having one's own coffee grinder is that the coffee beans themselves last for quite a long time whereas the grounds (that is, the ground-up coffee) will last for a matter of days. So, if I use a coffee grinder, I can ensure that every cup of coffee is fresh.

Coffee can be bought from several places and I suggest buying it online in order to ensure that you can experience a larger variety of coffees from all over the world.


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